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Licensing - UMM (Unleashed Multi-Site Manager)


Im ideally looking for a quick , even rough, answer on UMM Licensing

Lets Assume we have 2x locations with fully separate Unleashed setups,  each location has 3x Access points (thus 6x rukAPs in total).

To get started (not free-trial) with UMM we would need:

1x  L09-UMM1-WW00  ( ~$999 - description:  Unleashed Multi-Site Manager software— comes with ONE Unleashed AP management license)

5x L09-0001-UMM0 ( ~$85 each - description:  Unleashed Multi-Site Manager Single - Unleashed AP management license SKU )

Thus about $1500 (non-reoccurring) , and going forward ~$85 (non-reoccurring) per additional new AP we add beyond these 6x initial APs.  Do i have that roughly correct?

Do the Unleashed APs themselves require licensing or having a AP level support contract in place?  Are there any reoccurring charges beyond the ~$1,500 initial/one time?

(i have searched around and im still not clear on what is required to get started with UMM , nor am i clear on how UMM future-upgrades work and if any fees are yearly fees or one time).

Im trying to avoid a long sales call (thus this post).


(note- i did not see a UMM (Unleashed Multi-Site Manager) group to post this in)