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Change login

I set up a ruckus 310 network for a client. He want sole management rights now. Since setting it up, I've granted several Google accounts access through single sign on and I used a password I want to change for local admin access. Is it possible to...

r610 unleashed performance

What is the recommended software for r610 unleashed performance? we are getting 3-400 meg of a 1 G connection. Hardwired devices can get ~850 meg

Ruckus R510 Slowness

Ruckus R510 Slowness - My topology Comcast Xfinity X1 router with 1Gbps service, measuring 850Mbps as the output. This goes to a Rucker switch C12P, and the output there is 825Mbps. However, coming out of the 2 APs, even with AP to AP speedtest, its...

http protocol over tls ssl?

In Application Overview - Usage by Application, what is and what sites are included in "http protocol over tls ssl"? It's always number one in bandwidth usage behind categories, iTunes, apple, instagram, facebook, etc. Thanks