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Ruckus unleashed wi-fi is visible but there is no internet connection

New Contributor

I have a ruckus switch with two repeaters or routers installed in my house. The wifi is visible and I can connect to it but it does not have access to the internet. Furthermore I'm not able to login into the ruckus system because I do not know the password and the password reset was not set up. Should I do a factory reset and set it up from scratch or this issue is something fixable without a factory reset.


Contributor III

Given that you can't log in, it's hard to say. Factory reset it.


Hi @Dayron 

To fix the issue one would need to login to the system (APs) and look into config/logs but since you have no access (credential) to the APs it leaves with no option to debug this or to collect logs. In case you have the backup taken out of this system recently, support can decrypt the file to retrieve the credential,if not first step should be to reconfigure the system to get access via FD.

Best Regards