RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Can I update a R750 to Unleashed?

I was able to update a R650 (single AP) from controller default Firmware to Unleashed in the past. Currently I bought a brand new R750 that does not have Unleashed. 1. I can't seem to access the  2. I do have the computer connected to ...

Resolved! Ruckus Unleashed Wi-Fi Calling

I'm working on a request from a client that we recently acquired.  They have several R310 WAPs with Ruckus Unleashed  200.5  .  They are not able to do any WiFi calling at the moment.  I have searched the existing settings and I have not been able to...

ZoneFlex R310, showing orange led after configuration

I have 2 ZoneFlex R310 and 1 ZoneFlex R320 in the company. I have configured R310 to be master of mesh now trying to add in 2 R310. After I configured 1 of the R310, the led for 2.4G and 5G is solid orange while the PWR and CTL is solid green, when ...

tommy_yap by New Contributor
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Authentication is keeping me out of wi-fi

I activated authentication on my ruckus ap's and now I cannot get on wi-fi. When I did the setup wizard it only asked me for a password, but now it's asking for a user name also. Does anyone know what I need to do next?

Sonos and R550 unleashed

I have recently replaced my R510 with an R550, I did connect the new R550 so the config could be transferred before I disconnected the R510. Now my Sonos-Players need a couple of hours until all of them can be seen in the apps. Restarting Sonos play...