RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Problem importing custom certificate (EC signature format)

I strongly suspect that Ruckus can't handle private keys in EC format (unlike RSA). My problem is as follows: I am attempting to install a new custom certificate from Let's Encrypt created by the acme plug-in on pfsense. The certificate create proce...

Google Authentication Error in Unleashed

Hi All, We deployed Ruckus Unleashed and client wants to use Google Authentication. Setup was done ung unleashed google id, upon testing we are getting error on iphones. Also pseudo browser is not popping out on Samsung. Should we use "own id" in th...

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Resolved! Newly created WiFi ssid not seen in available networks

Hi i have 2 R550. My home WiFi is working fine. I decided to create a guest WiFi network. I created it and ruckus says it is active with no connections. But I am not able to see this newly created ssid WiFi in any of my devices as available WiFi net...

dmoorthi by New Contributor III
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ICX 7150 C12P power

My switch will not stay powered on after resetting everything multiple time the switch will power on for a short period of time then turn off again. Any direction for this issue. The unit is less than three years old.


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