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Camera clients keep disconnecting

Using a few R500 APs to provide wifi and having an issue with cameras disconnecting (Wyze V2 hacked with Dafang firmware). Cameras show as connected in Unleashed with excellent signal yet I cannot ping or otherwise access them. Selecting one and runn...

toasted by New Contributor
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ICX7150-12 with 08.0.90T213 firmware unable to upgrade FW with SSH

After adding diffie-hellman-group14-sha1,diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 key exchange to my ssh server the switch now reports "User Authentication failed", which it did not before enabling the diffie-x key exhange protocols.What ciphers are supported on m...

jgmtfa by New Contributor
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R310 will not connect to unleashed network after factory reset.

Hi. I have an unleashed network of 9 APs all running the last firmware R310_200. All working well.  Trying to add another AP and normally they connect and automatically join the unleashed network. This new AP will not. It successfully re...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Captive Portal & input form on mobile

I have a captive portal set up with a simple password "password"On mobile devices, by default first character is uppercase. So when the user types in, it types "Password", and the user can't log in. They get frustrated and call support.  Is there a w...