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Ruckus R650 slower on POE than AC

I've been running my Ruckus R650 for a few months and I've been happy with the reliability but slightly disappointed with the speeds. Even with a direct line of sight to the AP the fastest speeds I could get were 400Mbps.  After some troubleshooting ...

nick_s by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Unleashed with R350's Slow Speedtest

We have four R350's connected to the same POE switch.  Connecting directly to the switch we are seeing consistent speed tests of 150/40.  Walking around connected to the Wi-Fi we are seeing 10/10 consistently.  The only variation is that sometimes it...

Fast upload but abysmal download

Hi there,Getting extremely good speeds uploading (1200Mbps) via speedflex but bad speeds when uploading(350Mbps). Any idea what the culprit could be?Source device: iPhone 13 802.11ax WIFI-6Destination: Ruckus 750 with 802.3at Cheers,Aeridith 

aeridith by New Contributor
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Resolved! PPPoE throughput

Hi all,I just bought an R650 for my home network and I noticed that I can run it as a gateway. I'm just wondering how fast the PPPoE throughput might be - could it keep up with my 1Gb fibre connection or would I be best off keeping my ISP router unti...

Squozen by New Contributor III
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