RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Got a new modem from Internet provider

I just got a new modem from my internet company and now I’m having problems with my Ruckus Unleaded. It says no server or when I use it it’s extremely slow. What do I do? Does it need to be connected to the new modem? How do I do that? I am not very ...

Unleashed network not adding new AP

We currently have an unleashed network with 3 AP's. Two R500's and 1 R610. It's been awhile since an AP was added and I recall it was really simple, plug and play almost. Now I'm trying to add an R650 AP but the unleashed network does not see it. I s...

Extenders not not receiving power

Good Evening.Please I need assistance with my extenders again. I was having some latency issue with my  internet so, to troubleshoot,  AT&T suggested unplugging Ruckus to use their wifi gateway. After establishing that Ruckus might be the cause every...

FOTV by New Contributor III
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Not Powering Up ICX 7150

Hello, recently my Ruckus began turning off randomly. I would unplug and plug back in, then it would work for 24-48 hours, then it would stop again. It recently turned off again, when I went to unplug and plug back in it flashes amber then turns won’...

GPMoy by New Contributor
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