RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Forum Posts Broken AD Login?

I recently upgrade to the lastest, once the AP rebooted I suddenly could no longer login. The login screen would take the username and password, turn it to starts, and then just sit there and flicker. I had to factory reset to get bac...

dan_b by New Contributor II
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2.4 GHz periodic device disconnects on Unleashed R710

Hello, here is a description of the issue I am having with R710 with Firmware, operating in full power 802.3at Certain devices at 2.4 GHz do not stay connected. Smart plugs, Kindles, Android-based picture frame. 5 GHz dev...

Resolved! r650 not reachable

Hi everyone, I'm trying to setup a r650 but this does not really work. It is connected to the network and seems to boot up but I cannot access it via the default IP. The PWR led is flashing slowly and CTL fast. Also the LAN leds are blinking perio...

da_anton by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Can't access unleashed web interface page - Certificate problem

Hi. I've messed up my web access to the unleashed interface page by installing the wrong certificate (Cloudflare) in the administration area, now I'm not able to access my R600 AP by browser anymore (Unleashed ver. build 127). When I t...

Resolved! My AP R320 don't want to go on my Ruckus Cloud

Hello, Here is my problem. Most of my AP R320 join my cloud and it works fine. But I used two of them before, for another customer, and I installed this version of the firmeware (RUCKUS Unleashed AP (GA Refresh2)). When I boot them...