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Getting Breaks while testing failover in unleased network.

New Contributor II

While testing the failover of the 'Dedicated Master R750' controller, we are experiencing network interruptions, causing all devices connected to the unleashed WLAN to lose connectivity, need your seggestion on this to how to overcome this issue.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @hemant_singh 

Could you please explain more about the details you are experiencing or the exact behavior so that we can help you on this.

Hi Sanjay,

I have installed 2 R750 (as Dedicated Master) in two different location (MPLS). both location also have 14-14 R650 AP's. client asked me to do fail-over test of active controller (R750). but when i do the failover test or reboot the master Controller(master R750). all the the clients connected to the unleased WLAN got disconnected(Radio shuts down). user shouldn't be disconnected during the role change of master/follower controllers.

Hi @hemant_singh 
When there is a switch over from Active and Standby, the AP actually gets a new config push from the new Active Master and will overwrite its config causing the WLANs to delete and re-create.
Due to this behavior the clients will disconnect and re-connect.

Hi Sanjay Ji,

but we can see below in the unleashed Admin Guide there is clearly mentioned that when a fail-over occurs, all the associated AP's will continue to provide wireless services to the clients during the transition..... Please Clarify.