RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Unleashed network - Cannot send images through ios messenger.

Hi, I have been working with the Ruckus line for a long time. Primarily highscale SmartZone's. But this time using unleashed.Since the install of the new unleashed system, IOS users can not send pictures though messenger. But can send normal messages...

CW by New Contributor
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Small cosmetic bug in web interface

Hello,I tried to report this bug without success. Maybe this is the right place? If not, please forgive me.It's a small bug, nothing serious, but it's confusing and I think it would be easy to fix.Since several version, and still with the last one (2...

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Disable HTTP redirection?

Hi.  We're using Ruckus Unleashed v200.  When a computer logs into the guest network it redirects to a HTTP redirect page.  Is there any way to bypass or disable this?

gnussbaum by New Contributor
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change passcode

on my ruckus unleashed, I need to change the passcode that is installed in my home. please help me. 

Any guess on why workstations pick the wrong AP?

We have a bunch of R750s.    Early morning when there are no devices on the network, I'll sit directly under an AP.   I'll turn on my laptop (i'm not moving around).   My laptop will connect to an AP 40 feet away with two walls between it and me inst...

bdillard by Contributor II
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