RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Any way to use WEP on Unleashed?

I have a customer that insists on using WEP on their network for the remainder of the year. I have explained that it's just like leaving the network open. They don't care-- they've got some legacy equipment that will only connect with WEP, and it won...

When will there be unleashed support for R750?

The Ruckus Product guide shows the R750 with support for unleashed. We purchased 5 of these with plans to deploy soon. I was very surprised to see no firmware available for these AP's. Is there any timeline or do we have to purchase another managemen...

jp_guizol by New Contributor
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Bonjour Fencing

We're attempting to enable Bonjour Fencing via the CLI but not seeing the expected results.Case: We have two Unleashed APs at a physical building but are separated. One of those APs has three Apple TVs wirelessly connected it. The other AP does not h...

R510 Wifi connection blocked on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10

I recently bought a Samsung Note 10 and I noticed wifi connection about every 24 hours will dropped wifi and my phone would say Connection Blocked. So I thought was my phone issue, so I exchanged another one and I have the same issue, about every 24 ...

howard_kuo by New Contributor II
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