RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Hello all,I'm using R320 Unleashed .I've set up Guest access with one share password.Everything is working fine with guest wlan in vlan 1 .I can access the internet without any pb .when I put any vlan in my guest wlan , I can't access internet .My PC...

R310 Burst To maximum 50 APs Capacity

Hi everyone I need to know about design unleashed solution. We need to use  one Unleashed cluster for a network.I have hardware isRuckus R310 = 5Ruckus R320 = 5Ruckus R510 = 23Brocade ICX Switch = 2 Above hardware ,  We can using unleashed solution ?

Disabling Auto-Approve impossible in 200.8 unleashed

In the good old, early days of Unleashed there was a setting that disabled the feature that any new AP will join my existing Unleashed network. I found this pretty useful for example in our workshop where we do have a very nice infrastructure Unleash...

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