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WIFI LANs drop with Internet?

New Contributor III

Found this post about Ruckus Internet checks impacting the local WIFI networks.  Yet I don't fully understand what's up.

What default behavior is set to stop serving WIFI networks if Internet check fails?  We recent changed ISPs and have been given lemon modems crashing Internet and have just recently discovered this odd behavior.

In that previous post it was mentioned Internet + DNS servers + gateway IP checks.

When our Internet outages have been occurring the Ruckus Unleashed gateway IP + local DNS server are still online.  So its just Internet check that fails.

What needs to be done so the Ruckus behaves itself so that WIFI LANs remains online?  Can I disable all 3 checks?

Summary of setup

3x R710s Ruckus unleashed

WAPs on management on native vlan.  WIFIs on configured on separate vlans.

Thank you.





Hi Stephen,

I confirmed that with product team directly and they confirmed it is not expected behavior.

Did you open a case with support, as advised by me in old thread? If yes, please pass on the case details and I will get it checked internally.

@DarrelRhodes lets discuss internally on this.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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Hmm - well I spoke too soon it seems.  Not resolved.

My simulated firewall / Internet block is apparently not the same as true Internet down.

The WIFI is still impacted with full loss of Internet.  For example a client's RDP session to a local server.  If I ping servers or vlans default gateway from our 3 SSIDs I get intermittent packet loss, high latency, or it will drop for 30-60 seconds then resume to being intermittent.

I don't understand.  Internet check is off for all 3.  DNS check is still on and Gateway check is still on.  These are always online even if with Internet out.  Gateway is an IP of a L3 Switch management vlan gateway.  DNS IPs are two local domain controller / DNS servers.

Although there online it seems I need to disable these two checks as well?

I've taken a look at CLI guide + googled a bit but not seeing where to disable them?

Could you point me to documentation where I can disable?

When Internet is online Ruckus WIFI is rock solid.  Very strange behavior.

Thank you.

Hi Taylor,

As requested before, please open a support case and let the support team check the issue.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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Recently having more issues with our ISP and this situation is still happening.  It's crazy and driving me crazy.  What is causing Unleased to just stop all 3x WIFI networks just because Internet is down.  There should be absolutely zero Internet requirement for Unleashed to continue functioning.  It's a wireless LAN.  Local. 

Currently firmware:


Unleashed deployment not under contract.  Cannot open support case.

But this should be easy fix IMO over forum.  Please.

Something is built into unleashed to cause this.  What to disable?

Not a single device on the LAN is going offline with Internet.  Not switches / power injectors.  Local DHCP online (even though Ruckus static), local DNS online.  Firewall online.  Simply Spectrum Internet offline and then so does Unleashed LANs.

Hi @taylor_sanders 

Could you let us know the below details:
1. How many APs are you having?
2. When you wifi drops, is the client gets disconnects from the Wifi?
3. Also are you able to see the SSID from clients (Mobile\Laptop) at the time of issue?
4. If you are not able to see the SSID, can you login to the AP CLI and enter the below command to see if the SSIDs are broadcasting or not?
Master :
get wlanlist

Member AP:
get wlanlist

The state for SSID WLAN should say as "UP" if it is broadcasting.

You can also try the latest firmware available