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Ruckus Unleashed

New Contributor

I have a Ruckus 510 operating in an unleashed mode acting as a controller, is it possible to join an R530 access point to the R510 controller with both in the unleashed mode? If so what configuration is needed to achieve this.


RUCKUS Team Member

hello @Tiny_Syfy 

I believe you want to add R350 AP into the unleashed controller with R510 AP models.

Please confirm the current unleashed firmware version of the R510 AP ?

Also the initial firmware version for the R350 is it means it can't supported any version below than that. If R510 is running on any older version like, 200.7, 200.8 please upgrade it to the latest firmware version which is

After the firmware upgrade add the R350 AP into the same network where R510 is running and it will join the controller.

Please refer the below link to download the R510 firmware version file.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Tiny_Syfy 
Also, please ensure that the higher AP models are selected as Master so that the higher capability APs can manage the network well.
In your scenario, keep the R350 as Master.
Bring up the R350 and then join the R510 to Unleashed network.
You can use the below command on the R510 CLI to join the R350 AP.
set director ip x x x x (R350 IP)