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WIFI LANs drop with Internet?

New Contributor III

Found this post about Ruckus Internet checks impacting the local WIFI networks.  Yet I don't fully understand what's up.

What default behavior is set to stop serving WIFI networks if Internet check fails?  We recent changed ISPs and have been given lemon modems crashing Internet and have just recently discovered this odd behavior.

In that previous post it was mentioned Internet + DNS servers + gateway IP checks.

When our Internet outages have been occurring the Ruckus Unleashed gateway IP + local DNS server are still online.  So its just Internet check that fails.

What needs to be done so the Ruckus behaves itself so that WIFI LANs remains online?  Can I disable all 3 checks?

Summary of setup

3x R710s Ruckus unleashed

WAPs on management on native vlan.  WIFIs on configured on separate vlans.

Thank you.





Valued Contributor

Thanks.  Yes I found that post yesterday and then disabled all 3 checks.  Internet check disappeared from Unleashed GUI.

Then like other poster I created a firewall rule blocking Ruckus Unleashed MGT IP + 3x 710s IPs from going inbound through LAN interface on firewall.  Simulating Ruckus Internet outage.  I found ruckus unable to connect to Internet on management VLAN yet the WIFI networks remained functional + nodes on those different SSID vlans could still reach Internet.  So resolved. 

This is my only Ruckus install thus far.  More familair with Cisco. 

I do like Ruckus but I really find this behavior odd.  A WLAN is a LAN.  Kinda of like if a catalyst switch detected it had no internet connection it would physically disable all switch ports?  WIFI does a lot more than just Internet...why sabotage the entire WLAN / SSID just cause of loss of Internet.  Its used to connect local devices to local resources.  Needs to remain totally functional without Internet.


Hi Taylor,

Understood. Internet check is unique to Unleashed (and the M510 LTE/4G AP).

The other Ruckus controller platforms don't have the same default functionality and WLANs will continue to operate even in the case of internet/DNS/gateway failure, as you'd expect in an enterprise environment.


Thanks for the replies, and the excellent info about Disable internet check via the CLI !

I wanted to note that we have received conflicting info from ruckus support on this,  if you see my forum post back from may 2021 ( here:   a ruckus official (moderator) replied that this is NOT the intended behavior (this being- ssid/wlan goes OFF if internet or the defGW is down).

So perhaps the ruckus official was wrong?  (or perhaps i did a poor job of explaining the scenario in my post?)   I will be testing the CLI based disable internet-check.

(however if this does infact fix this issue, then i feel it should be changed to the DEFAULT , as well as exposed as an option in the web GUI, where the user can enable this.  although im not sure why one would want this enabled , except for clients to re-request DHCP once the wlan is turned back on, once internet is restored?)