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Unleashed Limited amount 5GHz channels?

New Contributor III
On R310 Unleashed AP's on 5GHz it shows only channels 36, 40, 44, 48 are available for indoor and outdoor channels? It has firmware Are the other 5GHz channels not supported anymore?


Contributor III
There is now a release. The RN's don't mention this issue specifically but maybe worth an upgrade

I could be off on this, but i recall there is a setting (maybe in System-> Country code) that is channel mode- allow indoor channels?    this may only apply to outdoor APs only though.

I can tell you on the 1x unleashed setup we have, (latest FW) it does show 149 153 157 161 5g channels (so a bit more than your list).

New Contributor III
Login webUI, please check Channel Optimization: "Optimize for Performanceis selected from
Admin & Services Tab, System->Country Code.

New Contributor III

Something weird is happening on that page. When i access the Country Code page the extra channel settings show up for a second but then they dissapear and only the country selectionbox is visable.

I noticed this behaviour with FW, and You can only select a country (NL in my case), thats all.

Tried it with 2 different browsers on 2 computers, Firefox and IE, and with two different Unleashed networks.