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Unable To Sign Into Rucked Unleashed App

New Contributor

I'm unable to sign into the Rucked Unleashed App   When utilizing the Forgot Password option it gives me the message "You are not connected to Unleashed Network.  Go to Settings"  When in Settings, everything looks as if it is set properly.  Any suggestions on what to do or check?  Thanks



The problem started around the release of iOS 15.7.6  The same issue with any iPhones (and iPads) that can accept the iOS.

Older versions such as 15.7 running on iPhone 6s are still working fine. 


You have enough information to work with: get an iPhone and you'll see for yourself.

Thank you,



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi All,

I had a check on this and looks like we are already aware of this. We are working to fix this on priority and will be fixed on the coming 200.14 MR and app release. 

The ETA should be by July 1st week.

New Contributor II

Yes I tried to adjust DNS settings per the thread here but I believe the instructions was for an older iOS version. I look forward to the fix. Thanks.

New Contributor II

@sanjay_kumar  this is the same issue I am having.  Try to login does not allow me despite correct password etc and now your saying there will be a fix July 1st

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @A1987 
Yes the fix will be available by July 1st week.