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Unable To Sign Into Rucked Unleashed App

New Contributor

I'm unable to sign into the Rucked Unleashed App   When utilizing the Forgot Password option it gives me the message "You are not connected to Unleashed Network.  Go to Settings"  When in Settings, everything looks as if it is set properly.  Any suggestions on what to do or check?  Thanks


New Contributor III

I have the same issue accessing the Admin/Management using a 5 year old Ipad Pro using the Unleashed App.

RUCKUS Team Member


Could you please confirm the Unleashed app version you are using?
We have a latest one released recently, can you try upgrading the app and let us know?
On which mobile OS version you are facing the issue?

If you still have the issue, please let me know the error you are facing so that I can check on this.

Hi Sanjay.  I am using Version 11.132.2.  It will not allow me to access Manage Network and recover my password.  Let me know if you need any additional information.  Thanks so much for your assistance, I will anxiously await your reply.

New Contributor III


I have the latest version of the app (11.132.2) running on the latest iOS (16.5) running on the latest iPhone (iPhone 14 Pro Max).

The issue is two fold:

  • When we type (while being it doesn't;t resolve to the Master Access Point
  • As a result, we can't add new unleashed systems to the unleashed application (app)

When we set the DNS manually to be the address of a ruckus AP on the LAN it finds it but we're not connected to the internet.

We believe the following might be happening: since is not resolving to the correct address, the Unleashed App doesn't realize the phone is connected to an Unleashed AP.

Note: the issue is being ongoing for almost two years.

The same version, and the same problem.