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Once Mesh is enabled Unleashed does not come back up.

New Contributor II
We have 3 T610 AP's. They arrived with We upgraded to, configured Unleashed with 2 SSID's, RADIUS and the whole 9 yards. Enabled Mesh and Unleashed did not come back up. Each of the 3 AP's on their HTTP interface were showing "Building the Unleashed Network. It may take a few minutes.". Powered off 2 WAP's, got onto the CLI of the other and reset to factory. Downgraded firmware back to and enabled Mesh from the wizard - same result. Reset and upgraded to, first configured Unleashed then enabled Mesh and got stuck in "Building the Unleashed Network. It may take a few minutes.". Reset again and set Mesh in initial wizard and again it's stuck. Anyone seen this or have any thoughts?

I'll have a couple of R510's in a week or so and will try setting up Mesh on those and then joining the T610's to that Unleashed config and hopefully get Mesh to work that way.

New Contributor III
Were the AP's you were trying to connect via mesh initially connected in via the wired uplink (e.g. the ethernet port)?
When you initially configure an AP for mesh, you first have to connect it in via a wired uplink.   Once the "to be" mesh AP has the initial configuration loaded, you no longer need the wired uplink.

P.S.  In an upcoming version of Unleashed, that restriction will be removed.


New Contributor II
Yes, they are all on a new switch, VLAN1, same subnet, on the PoE port.

When the AP was first configured it was connected via Ethernet. The only option to turn on Mesh that I can see is from Admin & Services/System/Mesh, other than the initial Unleashed Wizard. That enables Mesh for all the AP's. We never get to the point where we would unplug an AP because once Mesh gets enabled and the AP's reboot Unleashed does not come back up.

The ultimate plan is to have one Unleashed network with 2 R510's in office space and 3 T610's outside with one of those Meshed back to the other 2 T610's. We cannot cable one of the AP's so it has to be Mesh.

New Contributor II
Finally got it to work. During setup I had the AP's on an isolated switch with no access to internet or anything but the AP's and my laptop, but apparently Mesh needs to "call home". I haven't checked how, but once I put the switch on an interface with internet access Unleashed came right up after enabling Mesh and the subsequent reboot.

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Thanks for the status update Mark!