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Once Mesh is enabled Unleashed does not come back up.

New Contributor II
We have 3 T610 AP's. They arrived with We upgraded to, configured Unleashed with 2 SSID's, RADIUS and the whole 9 yards. Enabled Mesh and Unleashed did not come back up. Each of the 3 AP's on their HTTP interface were showing "Building the Unleashed Network. It may take a few minutes.". Powered off 2 WAP's, got onto the CLI of the other and reset to factory. Downgraded firmware back to and enabled Mesh from the wizard - same result. Reset and upgraded to, first configured Unleashed then enabled Mesh and got stuck in "Building the Unleashed Network. It may take a few minutes.". Reset again and set Mesh in initial wizard and again it's stuck. Anyone seen this or have any thoughts?

I'll have a couple of R510's in a week or so and will try setting up Mesh on those and then joining the T610's to that Unleashed config and hopefully get Mesh to work that way.