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Security of a Wireless Guest Network

Contributor III


i have a security question reagarding a Ruckus Guest Network.

Basicly the Guest Network is not encrypted (by Default). No WPA2.
But the access to this Network is protected with a Guest Ticket.

How secure is this for my Guests?
Is an attacker able to sniff the Wireless Traffic without having a valid Guest Ticket?
Or should i better encrypt my Guest Network with WPA2?

Please share your thoughts about this.




Contributor II
well, yes, an "attacker" is able to sniff the traffic on the WLAN as he can sniff the traffic averywhere on the net.
your guests can use encrypted connections to whatever tey connect to. like ssl, https on websites.
or even trough a vpn service.

if you encrypt your guest network, the guest have one more step to establish a connection.

Here's a good VPN to get through the day. Check it Cooltechzone. Works great.

Contributor III

So sniffing the traffic (if the guest not using SSL/HTTPS) is possible. It is also possible for someone who basicly don't have valid Guest Ticket. Just connect and sniff.

So in that case i think it makes absolute sense to secure my Guests using WPA2. Regardless having a extra step.

Thinking a little bit further the WPA2 PSK should be changed from time to time.

This should be the most secure way for Guests using Ruckus Gear (without any extra costs), right?


Contributor III
I thought a little bit more about this.
Using a WPA2 PSK maybe don't made so much sense in case of a Guest Network.
My Guests are Restaurant Guests. To get the WPA2 PSK the "attacker" only have to come in and take a nice meal... 😉

If someone really want this PSK it's basicly no Problem.

What do you think about this? WPA2 for Guest Networks? Yes or No?