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New r500s to an existing Unleashed networking not adding

New Contributor
Hi all, 

I currently have a network with 8 r500 APs (now 9 see more) We have purchased 3 more r500s and 6 t300. 

We have a basic network in a large property, central switch with a draytek router handing out ips on 192.168.15.x  - Connecting up the t300 it added in to the unleashed network no problem once I had done the software update from 'Upgrade' under Administer. 

Adding the r500s, they are shown in the upgrade section, which I have upgraded as they showed mismatch firmware. - So they are shown in this list. 

When I navigate to their IP I see the message we are building your unleashed network..... 

But they never add to the AP list, I have done factory resets on them but this does not help. 

Now if i remove them from the network and connect them to a separate network I can navigate to their web panel and setup a new unleashed network. but this is not much use! 

Any help and advice would be really helpful. I called Ruckus but they didnt want to help without me purchasing a support package...

Firmware is 



New Contributor
Hi Rob, 
Did you buy Unleashed R500s (SKU starts with 9U1- ) or regular ones to add to your Unleashed network?
If you bought the latter, then please have a look at the following to help with the conversion from regular to Unleashed:

If you did buy an Unleashed R500, then please open a ticket with TAC. 

New Contributor
Hi Dave,

Thank you for the reply.
They came branded as unleashed. I called support but as I didn’t directly purchase them (client did) and I couldn’t confirm where they were purchased from they were unable to raise a ticket/call back.

Have been at a bit of a loss with it, but I have called Ruckus sales in the UK and they think it’s because they are the US version and not the WW version where they don’t work mixing the 2. Can you confirm this and if so is there anyway to convert the type?


New Contributor III
As far as I am aware if you are in the UK you cant use US AP's and they cant be patched to UK versions.  It is a similar case with different WiFi brands due to the frequency laws in the different countries.