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Looking for Feedback


Hello community!

So is anyone here running at home with great success?  I'm considering upgrading for the latest security fixes and to be on the "latest and greatest," but I am a bit worried about bringing too much "ruckus" to my home network in the form of incompatibilities due to too much IoT and other legacy wireless devices.

So, anyone here with a varied home network have "" Just Work with no issues or have seen it improve things?



New Contributor III

It only came out yesterday, but as I was upgrading for frag attack anyway (which was the patch immediately before this update), I decided to go to 200.10.

I haven't seen any issues but it's only been ~16 hrs for me.

New Contributor III

Just upgraded my R610 (single AP) to, the procedure is smooth. 

After it finished updating, my first impression is my Google Pixel 4 XL phone with Android 12 beta 1 that used to has issue to connect to WPA2/WPA3 mixed authentication, it now quickly get connected without re-enter passphrase every time.  

New Contributor III

I upgraded my small installation at home (2 R650s, ca. 40 clients), no issues. I believe to see less "poor" connections.

New Contributor III

Actually, I am afraid I have to correct myself: Both iPad Pro's I have cannot connect to R650s at I reverted to an earlier version and it works again. All other devices in the house worked fine. There seems to be an issue here, both iPad have 802.11ax (these are the only ax devices I have).