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H510 wan port in unleashed gateway mode

New Contributor

Anyone know if it is possible and how to change the h510 wan port from the poe in port 5 to any other port. It has unleashed firmware. 


Valued Contributor II

PoE-in is additional hardware on the uplink port (LAN 5), so you can't "move" it to any other port. Same, PoE-out is additional hardware available only on LAN1 port. Also PoE-in and out are completely different, so you can't interchange them also.

You can't move PoE feature because it is not a software feature, but additional hardware (Ethernet port itself has nothing to do with PoE-in or out).

Otherwise, if you just want to use different port as a WAN (independently from PoE features), this you mostly can do. I am not sure if gateway features or NAT will work on different port, but if you just need to have a trunk port to connect to switch, and other ports configured as access ports in some VLANs,  it will work.

PoE isn't related  to any Ethernet features, and even so in most standard implementations you want to power AP from WAN port, you always can configure this port as client access port, and use different port as trunk for WAN connection, if needed. You also can use local 48V DC power supply instead of PoE power for AP.

Not even close to what I was asking. I know all about the hardware. I was specifically asking about changing the port designated as the wan port for the h510 while in the unleashed firmware as master and gateway. This can be done easily on most models of ap but for the h510 the gui only shows port 5 as an option. So was wondering if it could be modified through cli or ssh?

RUCKUS Team Member

Any specific reason for such a requirement? Cable challenges? If yes, consider surface mount box and/or flat RJ45 cable.


Just would like to deliver all power from a icx switch. We have done this but requires three cable home runs. Two for h510 and one for cable modem. Then the switch requires two segmented networks. All this  could be simplified if the cable modem could go in port 1-4 and port 5 back to the switch.