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ICX 7150 + r510 help!

New Contributor III

Bought a home with an ICX 7150 and 3 R510s. I forget what I did but I was able to get the APs on ruckus unleashed and set up a SSID. I bought another r510(4th AP) for a dead spot and plugged it into the ICX 7150. I opened up ruckus unleashed and do not see the 4th AP. The ICX 7150 is also not on the unleashed GUI(It was never on unleashed).

How do I configure the ICX 7150 to show up on unleashed(I am suppose to console into the switch? But I am not sure how to do it on a mac)? How do I configure the 4th AP to show up on unleashed to be set up(does the switch need to be added before this step)?

I am running ATT fiber so the switch is plugged into the ATT modem/router. I am also using MAC OS.



Contributor II

Hey there,

A couple of things..  You might want to ensure the new AP you purchased comes with Unleashed software (vs. Standalone).  The SKU should start with 9U1 (vs. 901).  Assuming you have an unleashed AP it may not be on the same code version as your existing network so might need to match the firmware first.

If is it a 901 non-unleashed AP you would definitely need to change its code first to Unleashed before it will join.

Same thing possibly with the ICX switch - I would ensure the Unleashed on the APs that you are running is newest as ICX Management was not available in older code - and again the switch also needs to be running the right software.

Sorry, I know this is all "upgrade your code!" but that is certainly where you might want to start in this case.

Hi, I checked the AP that I bought and it starts with 901-r (does not come with unleashed). What are the steps for me on upgrading it to unleashed?

As for the ICX, I am unable to locate the sku as it is mounted on a wall. What are the steps for me on upgrading it to unleashed?

Using mac os.

So the process is not difficult, but if you're not a techie/networking person its a bit of a challenge to provide instructions.

1. Login to to obtain the Unleashed firmware: - be sure you use the same version as the rest of your Unleashed network so this may not be the right link for you!

2. Update the firmware on the AP.  It's easiest through browser - you will need to know the IP address of the AP that it picks up on your network through DHCP, otherwise the 'default IP' is Login using the default credentials super/sp-admin.  Go to the admin section and upgrade the firmware, select LOCAL and browse to the file downloaded in 1.

3. The AP will reboot and should now be able to join the Unleashed network.


How would I determine the IP address it grabbed from the Switch? Shouldn't I upgrade(Instructions please) the switch to join unleashed so I can see each AP's IP? Once the AP is upgraded, it will automatically show up on unleashed?