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No support need help!!!!

New Contributor

I can’t get anyone from ruckus to return my calls. Put in a case. I can’t work. Does anyone know how to disconnect everything from the hub and set up individual modem and router. Just not use ruckus or the access points?


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Cassandra,

In order to help you, could you please provide more info of your network setup.

As per my understanding, you want to setup your modem and then your router and don't want to use Ruckus Unleashed in gateway mode, right?

Query is bit out of the scope of Ruckus product but I am sure we can help you, if you can confirm the network topology or how devices are connected to each other at present.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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It is unproductive to post such requests: you haven't provided any info about your setup, what is the problem and what you tried to achieve. You say that you tried to open support case with Ruckus support, and got no help - I work with Ruckus support often and they are helpful.

But to get support from Ruckus (or any other vendor):

1. You must have the right to ask for support. Usually, it means an active support contract. Otherwise, you have to ask on forums.

2. Problem you ask about must be directly related to Ruckus product.

3. You provide detailed information about setup and clearly specify the problem you have.

Without these 3 things, you can't expect any help actually.

In case if you are not that friendly with technology to be able to provide information about setup, or make changes in configuration, you probably will be better off asking some professional to configure your equipment.

@eizens_putnins thank you for your comment. I fixed it. 
i will not post on here again.