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r310 installation question

I have 4 ubiquiti AP's attached to Ubiquiti gateway. Been having really poor coverage and I was told to switch to Ruckus. I have a ton of dead spots due to the way the house is constructed. Anyway, I bought 4 R310's and a E510 for outside. I was goin...

Microsoft Surface, just not compatible with Ruckus?

Seeing this at three different locations - customers show up with an MS Surface device and they simply cannot log in. No interesting logs in the ZD, I'll see one log of "too many authentication failures" and then even hours or days later ZERO logs fo...

WIFI CERTIFIED 6, R750 vs R730?

First off, congrats on the announcement today that the R750 is the first certified WiFi 6 AP! I am wondering though if the same will apply for the R730, or if there will be WIFI 6 features exclusive to the R750.

john_d by Valued Contributor II
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