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SmartZone AP WiFi radiation

Hello Experts, We have T300, R510, R610, R710 and H510 at workplaces. All of them on smartzone. Concerns from customers about EMF spreads sorrounding those APs. I couldnt found any fact in datasheet for those APs. Can someone let me know what the...

ICX 7250 08.0.91T211 boots as Non-UFI

Using SmartZone updated two stacks one stack was successful the other not.Updated from 08.0.90bT211 to 08.0.91T211 unit 2 was still up and unit 1 kept rebooting because of software not sync'ed over and over. Unit 1 was showing 08.0.91T211 Non-UFI and...

New Ruckus T310c Unleashed randomly rebooting

hi,Since 2 weeks i have configured a new ruckus T310c device (just one).i get some headache of it becaus it is randomwise restarted.Sometimes, it stays online for more than 4 hours but mostly the device is rebooting much quicker (sometimes even 10 mi...

Meshing T300 outdoor with main router (RB951)

Hi there! I have a RouterBoard RB951 as my main router and want to add a ruckus T300 zoneflex as a mesh to basically extend the existing SSID to the building surroundings. What type of set up is required here?

R310 mac address import

Ruckus Unleashed with Current firmware version: I have about 100 mac addresses to import into a whitelist for the wifi network. Is there a way to do this and not having to add them individually? I do not see an import option butto...


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