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r310 installation question

New Contributor II
I have 4 ubiquiti AP's attached to Ubiquiti gateway. Been having really poor coverage and I was told to switch to Ruckus. I have a ton of dead spots due to the way the house is constructed. Anyway, I bought 4 R310's and a E510 for outside. I was going to use one of the 310 as unleashed, that way I don't have to buy a controller, however I have Crestron and other home automation stuff that is hardcoded to a 10.0.1.xx range. I can't simply attach the 310 to the internet modem and make it the unleashed master because there is no port available on the 310 to hang my crestron stuff (through a switch). 

I ended up buying an el cheapo mikrotik router but I have had a hellish time configuring this to work with the Ruckus AP's. I am not sure what would be a good alternative. I am happy to spend more on a better router but I am not sure it's the router that the issue. A couple of questions.

Should the mikrotik router be in bridge mode or act like a pure router. All my AP's are hard wired through cat-5 in every room, it's not mesh. Any pointers on how to get this done? 

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Contributor III
You could have kept the USG as the router or get the Edgerouter x and kept it at firmware 1.10.10..don’t go to 2.0.x firmware not stable.

What problems are you having?

For the crestron and other smart home devices do they have static private ips? Which range ?

As for the R310, all 4 of your r310 should be flashed with unleashed 200.6.10.x. Don’t go to 200.7.10.x since it has issues with WiFi speed and other possible issues. Just plug in one at a time and flash them . Make sure they are reset to default and remove them. After that plug in 1x r310 and and configure it as master and setup the WiFi. After that just plug all 3 and the master will auto configure them and adapt them in a few mins.

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Just note ruckus support already announced the r310, r500, r600 EOL of the product and unleashed software supports ends at 200.7.10.x. Just wanted you to be aware of it.

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Your mikrotik should be routing. While the r310 should be configure as access points and not in gateway mode. Let the mikrotik be the dhcp server, but it scope of the dhcp server should not be in the ranges of your crestron and other home automated devices since you said they are hard coded? Meaning static?

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Hopefully you did not pay too much for the r310 if you got it on eBay. But recently I got some r510 which are ac wave 2 for $160 each on eBay used /open box. Current ac wave 2 access points will have continued support with unleashed firmware til WiFi 6 becomes more standard.