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Microsoft Surface, just not compatible with Ruckus?

New Contributor III
Seeing this at three different locations - customers show up with an MS Surface device and they simply cannot log in. No interesting logs in the ZD, I'll see one log of "too many authentication failures" and then even hours or days later ZERO logs for the client. And on the client side, this incredibly unhelpful error:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c400135b77e247913a83_d03fc8e5d6c91972ca3ba24c7ca26d5d_RackMultipart20190919388571sb3-52cad25d-32bf-41c8-93c9-bf0a6c36ee26-1604858346.png1568920560

All the networks shown there are served from the same APs.

We even see this on clients running Unleashed setups.

How is there not a KB article about this?

Contributor III
 This isn't a Ruckus specific issue. BUT it might be an issue specific to your WLAN design.
Do you have the driver versions on that Surface? I'll bet it's Roaming/Neighbor K/802.11r incompatibility. I would create a testing SSID with as simple a WLAN setting as you can create, try seeing if your device still won't connect.
We have a sizable population of SP's which failed to connect to our networks post latest windows firmware updates.
Hope that helps!

Turning off:

Fast BSS Transition:
Enable 802.11r FT Roaming

For the SSID resolves the issue.  

Very True. In our company, roaming is VERY important. So it was better for us to remediate the client.

New Contributor III
Holy crap, does MS not support 802.11r and k?

That would suck, as this co-working space has people that are super picky about being able to run softphone voip, facetime, skype, and other random stuff while wandering around the office, and I thought all the roaming assistance stuff was a net positive for that kind of usage...