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Resolved! The switch is rebooted Brocade ICX 7250-24P

Good day! I'm new to this, but I got this toy from a former employee))) I tuned it up, but the next day it just simply rebooted to the factory settings and that's it! I can only enter it through boot, and if I reboot, then on the command line it simp...

Resolved! Port MAC Security Question

I am reading about "port MAC security" in the Fastiron Security Guide. We may choose to use this instead of full blown 802.1x auth on all ICX end-user access ports. It is not clear to me though - MACSec appears to be a separate licensed feature, And...

Resolved! ICX 7850 egress ACL not supported with untagged vlans?

Can anyone explain why this is the case?  From the 08.0.92e documentation:  On ICX 7850 devices only, configuration of egress ACLs is blocked on any virtual interface with an associated VLAN that contains an untagged port. And sure enough, whe...

ICX Vsz upgrade failed

Hi guys does anyone know why I have this error while trying to upgrade icx switch trough vsz? Connection no response, please try again later. (last command: copy flash flash secondary)

ICX 7150-C12P temperature sensor questions

So I'm a Lennar home user here and stumbled across 2 temperature questions I was curious about. 1 - Does anyone know what the different temp sensor locations are in the switch?  Best I could find was an old Terry Henry vid about the 7250-24P and sen...

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