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vSZ controller shows all AP's offline

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HI There


I have this issue on our vSZ controller where all the AP's shows offline and randomly some AP's will show online and then after a refresh show offline again.

What confuses me is that its all 4 sites that connects to the one vSZ controller.

I can log into the controller, ping the controller, ping the gateway, ping all the AP's that is on the seperate sites, ping the the internet so i have breakout and all the interfaces status is UP on the switches.

So can anyone assist me in where i need to look to solve this?

Is it possible to reboot a vSZ controller?


Hi Vineet

So thanx for all the assistance you offered thus far. But we found our problem concerning the AP's showing offline on the vSZ controller. The problem persisted on the Azure cloud services side where someone changed policies and blocked the ports what the AP's and controller use to communicate with.

Kind Regards

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Hi @Goliath_00 

First thing from the one of the offline AP CLI you would need to check its existing status, I mean if its vSZ WEB Issue or APs are actually offline (have seen such false issue due to ES DB corruption). So execute "get scg" on couple of offline APs and share the output here or DM. If the command status shows as disconnected then execute "set scg syslog 0xFFF8" on same AP and then share output of "get syslog log". If the status show connected then you would need to perform a ES reindex as it could be DB issue :

LAB1# debug

LAB1(debug)# reindex-elasticsearch-all

Note :  The above is to be done on vSZ and only if the APs from CLI shows connected whereas on vSZ WEB shows offline.

Best Regards


Hi Vineet

Thanx for the feedback. Will try all of that and get back to you on the issue.

Just one more question, will this be a similar prognosis on the controller if the software is outdated?

Please let me know what is the controller software version ?

Best Regards


Hi Vineet

The current version on the controller is

I see this version is available for download thou: vSZ (GA) Software Release (.ximg image)

Please advise on what you think.