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vSZ and clients in default vlan when passing vlan from Radius

Is anyone else seeing clients intermitently being put into the default vlan on an SSID that using Dynamic VLAN's supplied from Radius?

I've had a couple of reports of this occuring now. The radius logs show it's supplying the correct vlan when the client authenticates. However, possibly when roaming, the client will sometimes drop into the default vlan instead. This is disruptive as it involves an IP change and different security settings.

I'm just about to try reverting the AP firmware back to 5.1 to see if that fixes it as we didn't have this problem on 5.1 (or at least it wasn't reported). Just wondering if anyone else has seen it

RUCKUS Team Member

Similar issue reported in 5.2 with reference to clients getting IP from default valn when Dynamic vlan’s configured. Please reach out to Ruckus Support for further troubleshooting.


Please open tac cases so support can get to the bottom of this.