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due to inactivity log of Access point R310 connected to Smart Zone 100

New Contributor II


We are currently using Rcksu equipment in the field.

There is a persistent loss of communication, and I checked the controller log.

■ List of equipment used

Smartzone 100

Ruckus R310

Client [XXXXXXXXXXXX] disconnected from WLAN [OHT-5G] on AP [OHT-AP-09@XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX] due to inactivity.


I am contacting you because I believe the loss of communication is related to the due to inactivity. log.

Why do these logs occur?

What is the solution?


RUCKUS Team Member


Could you please confirm if any specific type of client devices(Mobile, laptop, scanners) getting disconnected from WLAN due to inactivity timeout or all the device are getting impacted.

Please check the inactivity timeout value in SmartZone under the WLAN configuration > Advance options.

If it is set to default 120sec please increase the timeout value and set to 600sec.

Hello, Ayush_Tripati.

The current setting is 120 seconds and has been changed to 600 seconds.

Checking the logs invalidates the timeout-related logs and disconnects the client.

How many days should I monitor after changing it to 600 seconds?


Could you please confirm if clients still getting disconnected due to inactivity timeout after increasing the value.

What is the WLAN authentication type ? Any specific type of devices getting disconnected or all the devices ?

Hi Ayushi_Tree party

I will monitor that for about 7 days.

The WLAN authentication type is using WAP2.

A particular type of device that loses connectivity is a wireless LAN card called the FXE3000.