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Cannot obtain from DHCP server, until remove wifi card driver and reinstall

New Contributor

using Smartzone 144 v. / R650 AP v.

Some of the user PCs, both win 10 and win 11 cannot obtain IP from DHCP after 802.1x authentication. Wifi show connected but no internet and checked no IP obtained.

Checked in the troubleshooting, can see the client finished the authentication and talk to the DHCP server but it just cannot get the DHCP. One Win2012 DHCP is tested first, and a new one using Win2022 have the same result.

Strange that with the wifi connected, removing the wifi card from device manager and rescan and install again and it will work fine.

Sometime connecting to a SSID with WPA2 in different VLAN (and successful) and then connect back to 802.1x it can also get the IP.

I totally have no idea what's going on and why, anyone have the same problem before?


RUCKUS Team Member


So you do not have issue with Android\MAC\iPhone on the same SSID?
Could you please confirm the wifi driver version on the Windows Laptops? Probably you need to try upgrade to latest version (if it is older one) and check.

Hi, we don't have Mac here but seems no problem with Android/iphone so far. Same SSID is used but using dynamic VLAN.

For the wifi driver version, it's most updated and even finished with all Windows update (different era of laptop tested). It happens randomly and I still can't get any clue why. While our users are heavily relied on the laptop, I can't get a problematic one on hand yet. I have once had one that can't get IP for the whole day of that SSID connecting and reconnecting even restart the computer (except trying the recover method) waiting for our contractor to check, all power saving is shut, etc. But the other day it just recovered by itself.

Well... only answer may be it's all HP laptops which may not be Ruckus friendly... just kidding.

RUCKUS Team Member

It is best to open a support case so that we can check the setup and see what is happening by taking the captures.

ok, thanks!