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Zone Director and NPS/Radius for Admin authentication

New Contributor III
I am trying to find documentation on how to properly configure Windows(2016) Server with AD/NPS/Radius to authenticate administrators on our ZD (and eventually SZ) controllers.  We are NOT looking to authenticate WiFi users.

Are there any special attributes we need to add?  Assuming Service-Type:Login and removing any Framed statements(PPP) Anything else?  

New Contributor III

You're trying to actually log into the ZD/SZ, yes?  If you have it all configured and you're getting the proper accept message within your NPS logs, are logging in with your full AD address (email basically)?  We log in to a vSZ via our AD/NPS/RADIUS but the vSZ only support PAP/CHAP and we had to make some adjustments to our NPS policy and even then we still have to use the full account name (@).