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Is it possible to downgrade a SZ100 firmware to a previous version?

New Contributor II
Hello guys, 

In advance, i appreciate any kind of help in this issue. First of all, we have a recenlty bought SZ100 controller. The first thing we did was to try to upgrade it to the lastest version, however as you might know, there is an upgrade path that at first we did not see, so we landed installing first the version, and with this, we cannot continue to upgrading because the 5.X.X versions does not allow to upgrade anything coming from this version. That is what we saw later in the releases notes.

So we end it up here, trying to figure out how can we downgrade the FW version of the controller in order to follow the correct path and get the controller its latest update. 

Best regards, 

Sebastian M. 

New Contributor III
Hi Sebastian,

As far as I know, Ruckus still don't support downgrades, this doesn't mean that you can't do it, it just means that configurations are lost during the downgrade process. 
If it's an already operative box, you should consider more precautions because your backup configuration file won't work in a different OS version, you will have to do manually all previous configurations.


Contributor III
Hi Sebastian,

If you have cluster backup, you can do it. That's the only supported way of downgrading in SZ100/SZ300/vSZ.

An easy way to upgrade the SZ100 without following upgrade path, if you are not worried about your configuration is during setup process, on top right you would have a upgrade button click it and upload any firmware of your choice, after upgrade please proceed to set up the SZ100.

5.0 is entirely a new revamp from 3.6 there are bunch of new tweaks available please update to 5.1 as I was told that's stable than 5.0.

Happy Ruckus wirelessing!!!

Thank you.

Abilash PR

Thanks Abilash, but what if we did't have the cluster backup? there is no way to coming back to a previous version?

Hi Sebastian,

If you are not worried about the configuration, then factory reset the SZ and it would redirect you to set up page; there you can update the SZ100 to any version.

Abilash PR.