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SmartZone 100 User Session Timeout

New Contributor III
I am trying to come up with a process for getting our student and staff BYOD devices on the network.  We originally tested a small group using 802.1x but we go so many questions from users that couldn't get the cert installed or the android app installed so we decided to go a different route.  I wanted to use DPSK but the controller only supports 10000 keys which is not enough for us.  I decided to try an open network using a WISPr portal.  I configured a workflow in Cloudpath to have them login with their AD account and then do a MAC registration valid for 1 year.  That all works fine and the process works but after a while the devices start getting prompted to sign in to the network again.  I assume this is due to the User Session Timeout setting on the WISPr hotspot.  Is there any way to get around that?