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Windows 10 laptop wifi issue with radius

New Contributor II
We have Ruckus SZ 100 with almost 100 APs setup with Radius configuration its an multi location setup the problem what i am having is our MD's Windows 10 laptop working fine in HO but when if he roam to Branch office A and B its get connected automatically without any problem But whenever its go to Branch office C its not get connected automatically what we need to do is go to intel wireless proset utility from there we need to connect and its get connected i understand its an adapter behavior to connect or not.

but my question how its automatically get connected to wireless at HO and Branch office A and B if its an adapter behavior then what exactly basis its get connected to HO and other branch except Branch C ?

Configuration is same on all the location.

any idea to find root cause?


Esteemed Contributor II
My idea would be to review logs with Tech Support!  It might take some network analysis.

New Contributor II
Ok will do that..

Thank You !!!!!

New Contributor
Thanks for the above link. Actually, I was also facing the face issue in my laptop with windows 10 that time I was thought that it may be the machine issue that is why I was contacted windows error code 0x8024a105 but there I got to know that system is absolutely fine. Know I got the solution just because of this community. Thank you.

New Contributor

Hi Shoeb , we have the same issue  , do you have solution ? thanks