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Why does CISCO paging service / Informacast systems not work on Ruckus WLAN natively?

RUCKUS Team Member

InformaCast is an emergency mass notification system that sends critical messages to on-premises devices and mobile users, helping keep people safe — by providing notification solutions for every need. This system does not work on Ruckus WLAN's natively. 

The client-end software uses SLP(Service Location Protocol) multicast to discover the Informcast server. But the system works on Wired LAN. Ruckus-directed multicast features are suspected to be breaking SLP by converting the multicast to unicast and disabling the same on Eth and WLAN interfaces seems to resolve this. 

Use the following commands on the AP in question to disable processing of multicast packets (make the Ruckus AP's pass through for multicast )

set qos igmp_query v2 disable
set qos igmp_query v3 disable
set qos eth0 classification disable
set qos eth0 classification disable
set qos wlan33 classification disable

Replace <eth0> and <wlan33> with your logical interface number associated with the WLAN that the Paging/Informacast system nodes connect to. 

The above can also be pasted into a text file and pushed to all AP's parked on a Zone via the AP Diagnositc Script feature of the Ruckus Smart Zone.


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