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Where to find which version is currently supported (or out of support)

New Contributor

As Ruckus noob I am trying to find the location where I can find the current supported versions by Ruckus.
(I know where to Download them) 
Reason is I am currently writing a document why the current (old) version should be upgraded and wanted to use "currently not supported anymore" as an argument.
But I don't know this for a fact so I tried to find this on but being not familiar with this website I got lost. 

So before I am stating something as a fact (used version of almost 6 years old) not being supported I want to refer to an official Ruckus website / document that proves my statement. 

Anyone ?

My post is unclear I see on the answers. let's make it shot and simple: 
I found the hardware EOL / END of Support document. 
I am looking for the same but then in regard to Software/ Firmware versions.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @HenkJan ,

1: Browser the website ""
2: Click on the download Option as marked in yellow.


3: Click on Choose a Product(marked in yellow) drop down and select your product from the list.



4: After selecting you product you will get below option to Click Download as marked in yellow, it will show you all the available software which are available for your product.



Vijay Kuniyal

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Which part of my remark in my original post do you not understand ?
(I know where to Download them) 

 Can you please be so polite and respectful to actually read the question before you start to type ?

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Henkjan,

I think you want to know how and where you should find documents related to AP support on specific platform (SmartZone in your case).

If that is the case, please follow below forum post which explains how to read release notes of a specific firmware and see if your APs are supported or not.

How to utilize release notes to determine the controller upgrade compatibility, supported AP model a...

Please note, above URL may not be available after few days, as our community is being migrated to this platform. In that case, same topic will be available in this platform and you can search by its name. 

Syamantak Omer
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Close but no cigar.
I found the release notes, I found the EOL of hardware list. But is there no clear list / document where I can find if a used software / firmware version is still supported by Ruckus ?

Lots of vendors state clearly on their support sites if you use version X (which is for example 5 years old) you are using an unsupported version you need to update! 
Where can I find this info in regard to Ruckus Firmwares / Software ?