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Want to change the firmware of h320 to standalone after it joins controller

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I have some ruckus H320 that are joined to ruckus virtual smartzone essential, their firmware version is now 3.5.1. For some requirement, i want to disconnect those aps from the controller, and convert their firmware to standalone, but now when i attempt to access the ap via web to change its firmware, it is failing probably because it is running now the controller based firmware. Would you please advise on how at this phase i can change the firmware of the AP ?

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ok thanks for your response, what firmware will the AP be running after hard reset ? 


It will still be on vSZ code and hence you would need to load a standalone code manually.

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same version. 3.5.1 but it wont have been joined to smartzone so the http interface is available and you can change the FW to unleashed   or standalone.

Make sure the network you're testing does not have dns/dhcp based ways of redirecting the AP to the original controller. Unless the original controller is not reachable, then its no issue.

If you delete the AP from Smartzone that should also reset/default it.