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WLC firmware

New Contributor II

Hi Guys,

What the different of Stability Release and Technology Release? And which one is should I use to upgrade firmware of SZ144?

Model Name:SZ-144

Product Family:SmartZone (SZ)

Recommended Software:

Stability Release:

Base release: SmartZone 5.2.2 (LT-GD MR 2 Refresh) Software Release (SZ-144) (.ximg image)

Technology Release:

Base release:

SmartZone (GA) Software Release (SZ-144) (.ximg image)

Patches: RUCKUS SmartZone 6.1.0 (GA Refresh) New AP Model Bundle for R760 Access Poi

Thank in advance .


Contributor III

Ruckus SZ software currently has two recommended releases depending on what customer is looking for:

  • Stability release: For customers looking for solid reliability but not needing latest hardware/feature support
  • Technology release: For customers looking for latest hardware/features

The 'latest features' release is the one that uses the customers as QA. If you can't have bugs in your environment, stick to the stability release.

New Contributor II

Dear @Squozen,

Thank for the great answer, but could you confirm me which one is better for my new Ruckus SZ144 model?

Best Regards,

Non Sok


Contributor III

I'd choose the stable version. If you have a second controller and a lab environment, that's where you test the technology release.

New Contributor II

I have two WLC running as cluster. I choose to use technology release but for best practice, could we use GA, GD or MR release? 

thank in advance.