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Smartzone 100 Unable to Stack Switches

New Contributor III

Trying to figure out these Ruckus switches and things are not going well. Trying to stack two icx7650 switches by configuring them through Smartzone, which from what I have read you should be able to do.  I have followed the guides with no luck.  I can select the two switches, select 'Stack Selected Switches' from the More menu, set one to Active and set the other one to ID 2.  Hit ok and I get the following message "Stack configuration saved, please wait for switch view update after the stack formation has completed."   So I wait.  Configuration history shows Success.  I refresh the switch group, only the two I want stacked are in this group.  I see the plus next to the one switch, click it, and it shows only one switch as Standalone.  The other switch doesn't join the stack.  It's still in the group, but nothing has been done other than the stacking configuration lines that I see through the CLI.  Reboots don't do anything.  I have tried connecting the stack cables before and after making the stack in the Smartzone controller.  Neither works.  

Are there commands you have to do through the CLI also before making the stack in Smartzone?  So far Google searches have lead to no helpful information.

Smartzone version:

ICX version: TNS08090h


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Jason,

Check and make sure both stack members are running UFI image (show version).

Also upgrade the ICX to recommended firmware version.

Syamantak Omer
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Only thing I find for FSI image is for APs.

As for ICX software, 92 and 95 versions don't work at all.  Already had a tac case on this.  Some bug that they don't even know what the issues is.  Short story:  Uplinks to our extreme switches get shutdown on the Ruckus switches whenever plugging in an AP.  Only version 90h works so far.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Jason,

Thanks, Are the two switches in the same version ? 

Did you see stacking related config when logged into switch directly ? 

If you can open a tac case, It will me much easier to identify the real problem and provide a solution. 



Both switches are running TNS08090h

Copyright (c) Ruckus Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
    UNIT 1: compiled on Nov  4 2020 at 22:45:26 labeled as TNS08090h
      (58042608 bytes) from Primary TNS08090h.bin (UFI)
        SW: Version 08.0.90hT231
      Compressed Primary Boot Code size = 1573376, Version:10.1.18T235 (tnu10118)
       Compiled on Mon Jul 13 08:53:53 2020

  HW: Stackable ICX7650-48Z-HPOE

On the switch I marked as 'Active Role' the config that gets added is:

stack enable
stack zero-touch-enable
stack mac c0c5.2075.dc5e
stack suggested-id 1

On the 2nd switch in the stack this is the config that gets added:
stack ztp-force
stack suggested-id 2

When stacking, the only config put in is the IP address, Gateway and SZ controller IPs.  Nothing else is done.  Config is not saved before joining the controller.