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Slow in exiting to internet gateway after connected to AP while vSZ is in remote Cloud

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I've been haunted by the issue as describe in the topic.
My company has recently migrated all of our vm servers to cloud. This includes our vSZ as well.
vSZ is behind a VM fortigate firewall .
Our APs are behind a switch and sophos xg firewall.
Both firewalls has an ipsec tunnel linked.

DHCP server was set on the core switch .
When endpoint devices connected to the SSID of the AP, it has no problem getting IP from the DHCP servers in less than a few seconds. However, it'll show no internet for 4-5 mins.
After sometime, it'll suddenly be with internet.
Although devices connected with the ssid retries connection, it'll immediately have internet connection.
Only for new devices, it'll have a 4-5mins issue without internet .

Anything i need to set on AP side or vSZ side ?


Community Admin
Community Admin


Please use troubleshoot utility in vSZ GUI and check the connection flow for a new client. It will help you to find if connection having any issues while connecting to wireless and get IP address.

I think issue could be related to DHCP.

Also confirm if force DHCP is enabled on WLAN settings.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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Hi Omer,
I'm not familiar with the troubleshoot utility.
Due to the fact that the vSZ is over a remote location. .
Which is why i wonder is there any settings i've missed that could have contribute the problem.
All settings were running fine prior to the events of the migration. But that was previously when the vSZ resides locally and not remotely.
May i know if force dhcp actually helps ?
According to my understanding, it means forces the client to get an ip ?
But from the problem here, every endpoint devices have no issue getting an ip. It's just the endpoint devices will need at least 5 mins to exits to internet even after getting an ip.
At first i thought it's a DNS issue.
So i tried assigning the google dns from our dhcp server.
Still the 5min delay exist.

o boy.. i didn't expect the response on this community is that bad.
The response from ruckus was really terrible. At least i knew where to look the last time my support ends. I should have taken sophos or even aruba. At least the chaps in there took the effort to respond properly.
This.. one word. Not bothered.


This is a public forum and responses depends upon the members availability, interest, etc.

We as an official forum rep, try our best to respond as soon as we can. But if this is critical for you, best way is to open a support case and support will troubleshoot the issue. Support is 24*7 depending upon your support contract.

To know about troubleshoot utility present in our controllers, please refer the user guide or refer below link.

Answering your query from previous comment, if DHCP part has no issues, it could be something else in the network path.

In order to troubleshoot such issues, we may have to verify network path and take packet captures on different network nodes to find-out who is dropping the traffic and why it is taking 5 minutes for internet access. At least taking captures and verifying WLAN configuration will help here.

If clients are getting IPs without any difficulty/delay, try to ping gateway or any website, to test the connection?

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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