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Service-Type not included in accounting request packet

New Contributor

Hi Ruckus forum,

I'm currently testing the Hotspot 2.0 with Virtual Smartzone. I've noticed that the Service-Type attribute is not being included in the accounting request. Can you help me on how to configure Virtual Smartzone to include the Service-Type attribute in the accounting request.


RUCKUS Team Member

hello @kramnitsuj 

By default, the Service-Type attribute is included in the accounting request when using RADIUS Accounting. This attribute specifies the type of service being provided, such as "Framed" for a user with a physical connection or "Wireless" for a wireless user.


Hi @Ayush_Tripathi 

But in my testing it seems that vSZ is not sending the Service-Type attribute in accounting request. Please see packet capture below.


Hi @kramnitsuj,

You can configure vendor specific attributes for accounting and authentication in v/SZ. Go to services >> Vendor specific attributes.


For radius attributes refer to the below guide:


Simon Louis

Hi @simon_louis 

I've attempted to include the Service-Type attribute in a Vendor Specific Attribute (VSA), but it appears that it didn't work or I misconfigured it. Since the Service-Type attribute is not a standard Vendor Specific Attribute, what should I set on the Vendor ID?