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Computer not able to connect to some specific SSID

New Contributor

Dear All,

Is there any way to whitelist my computer's mac-address to few specific SSID.

I don't know why but my computer is not able to connect to few SSID but is able to connect to others.

There are total of 7 SSID broadcasting

I am able to connect to 3 SSID

I am not able to connect to 4 SSID.

All other devices old or new able to connect to  all 7 SSID

But when my PC try to connect, it just shows error: "Can’t connect to this network.


I don't use any VPN.

I have Ruckus Smart Zone 100





RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @bgh 

Could you please confirm the WLAN authentication method , is it WPA-2/802.1X/Guest Access/WISPR ?

Could you please check if any L2/L3 firewall policy enabled on the WLANs on which your device not able to connect ?

You can check it on the Wireless Lans>>Firewall option>>L2 Access control policy




Dear @Ayush_Tripathi 

First of all thanks for your reply.

WLAN authentication method is 802.1X EAP

WLAN > Firewall Options is disabled for Enable WLAN specific

L2 access control policy: Disabled


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @bgh 

In case of the 802.1x authentication client devices should be authorized by the Authentication/Radius server.

Please check on the Radius server in the events logs to know the reason for the access denied for your laptop device.

If you are using the certificate based authentication, please check and upload the CA certs installed on the device.

Please refer the below document for the EAP authentication flow


Dear @Ayush_Tripathi 

We have Mikrotik router and the radius authentication is from "Eleven OS"

Do you think we should check this with "Eleven OS"

Or can we check the log in "Mikrotik router"

Could you please advise on this.