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Self-signed certificate for Web Authentication portal (vSZ 3.5)

New Contributor III
I would like to avoid a web browser invalid certificate warnings when I'm trying to authorize to wireless network through Web Auth portal. How can I correctly create and import self-signed certificate to my vSZ for Windows clients?

Contributor II
Are you using the build-in Captive Portal, or a party portal?

Anyway: A self-signed certificate will allways generate a warning.You need a proper officially signed certificate to not trigger those warnings..

New Contributor III
I'm using build-in portal and AD authorization.

The hostname/IP of the portal needs a valid certificate.

PS: You can never remove the warning, if the client asks for a secure site, and get's another secure site.

So, do I need to create and import valid certificate for each AP? The authorization portal  seems to be loaded from AP (it has APs IP)...