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SZ Cluster - APs balanced on Control Plane but not Data Plane

Contributor II

I'm running a pair of SZ124s on v5. and recently clustered them.  Clicked the "rebalance APs" button and now I see an even split of ~200 assigned to each of the two SZs.... but, when checking the AP page and enabling the Data Plane column, only 3 APs are using one of the controllers' data plane while all the others are locked on the second SZ.  Doesn't seem very balanced to me, is this "expected behaviour"?



Just saw you're using SZ box, can you please open a TAC case as to identify why the APs rebalance count on DP is extremely uneven. Please perform a rebalance and download SZ snapshot log and few AP's support log to start with on the case.

Best Regards



Thanks Vineet, will do.


just wanted to mention that I've found rebooting an AP sometimes get's it to switch to the other, less used, data-plane.

I havent had the chance to open a case yet but will pursue once we're out of Log4j hell 😉