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Ruckus Social Media Login

New Contributor III

I've configured a WLAN to run a social media login for facebook and one for microsoft. I've followed all the steps for social media login creation, have checked the proper client ids and secret ids, I've got the proper sites whitelisted, I'm using the "" and "" When accessing the wifi network, I will get prompted for the login, but once the credentials have been entered, nothing happens and eventually, the redirect times out.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello, are you following this guide?

Double-check the whitelist and make sure you've added the correct address to the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs. If you have, let me know your SZ version, and I will check if there is anything different in your version.


Bruno Andrade | Principal TSE Bulldog Americas | RCNA | CWNA | CWDP
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New Contributor III

Hi Bruno, 

I initially followed as it was the only guide I could find. But I've redone all the steps from the beginning with the link you've provided and I'm getting the same results. In my testing environment, I can get to the page where I sign in with Facebook and where it says "Test_Ruckus_Wifi is requesting access to:" but after granting access, the page just keeps loading. 


I'm using SZ version

New Contributor III

Our environment is not using a certificate for AP portal. Does that make a difference?