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Removing A/P from Smartzone

New Contributor III

In the Virtual SmartZone I'm trying to delete an R710 access point that is showing up in the offline section. But each time I delete it shows up again after some time.  It has an AP name listed but the IPaddress associated with it doesn't match the group that the name is referencing. How to I remove this device from SmartZone?


thanks for your help



RUCKUS Team Member

Is the AP still connected in the Network? If yes, login to the AP CLI and use the command "get scg" to see if the AP has the controller IP. 
If yes, then remove it. Probably it is still trying to connect to the controller.

If the AP is not connected to the network but the GUI is showing the wrong details then you need to clear the GUI statists and refresh it using the below steps:

1. Login to the controller CLI
enter the below command
# debug
(debug)# reindex-elasticsearch-all

Wait for 15 minutes and then check on the GUI.

New Contributor III

I tried to use PuTTY to connect to the control but it responeded with "No supported authentication methods available (server sent:publickey) 

RUCKUS Team Member


Request you refer to the article below which helps to gain access to the Virtual Smart Zone. 
Snippet from the article: 

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Logged-in to the Leader-SZ using its console access. Below are the putty settings for reference. 
-Connect the console cable from your PC to SZ's console port.
-Open PUTTY and Configure the serial connection settings as follows:

· Serial line to connect to: Type the COM port name to which you are connected
· Bits per second: 115200
· Data bits: 8
· Parity: None
· Stop bits: 1
· Flow control: None

2. Found that SZ was configured with "mgmt-acl's with ip-addresses" using following command. 

vSZ# show running-config mgmt
3. Customer was accessing SZ from different remote location and thus, configured mgmt-acl private ip-address was not available at that site. Whereas, customer needs to access the SZ from any remote location. 
4. SSH error went away after disabling the mgmt-acl using the following commands.
vSZ(config)# mgmt-acl
vSZ(config-mgmt-acl)# no enable
Do you want to continue to disable (or input "no" to cancel) ? [yes/no] yes
Successful operation
5. Above configuration changes are pushed to the Follower node and thereby, we regain both SSH and GUI access to SZ

Thank you!